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End of Year News, Happy Holidays, September Ready

As we come to the end of another busy and successful school year here at Scoil Éanna, we want to inform you of a few developments over the last number of weeks and advise you of some arrangements for the next school year.

We are delighted that the celebration to officially open our new playground was so successful. Sincere thanks to all who assisted on the day, particularly the members of the parents’ association and the playground committee who organised the event.

Congratulations also to the members of the girls’ football team who were narrowly beaten in the final of their competition. Sincere thanks to all members of staff who trained and supported them throughout the competition. The school also enjoyed significant success at the annual track event in Clones and again sincere thanks to all who trained and supported the various athletes. Finally congratulations to all the boys and girls who made their First Communion on 27th May. This was a lovely occasion for all involved and the beautiful singing of the choir added significantly to the event. Many thanks to the boys and girls involved and to the teachers who prepared them over a number of weeks.

The Board of Management and all of the staff here in Scoil Éanna greatly appreciate the support of the Parents’ Association to the life of the school. While this often takes the form of monetary support through the various fundraising events organised, it also includes the assistance given by parents at every significant occasion organised in school over the course of the year. Each gathering is enhanced by your presence and indeed all visitors have come to expect the welcome cup of tea and various nibbles served! We want to thank particularly the various officers of the Parents’ Association for their commitment and dedication over many years. This will be the last opportunity for us to thank Sharon Caraher as a member of the Parents’ Association for all her work in support of the school, but we are fortunate to retain her valuable expertise as a member of our Board of Management!

The following is the list of mainstream class teacher allocation for the coming school year:


Junior Infants          Ms Deirdre McDonald

Senior Infants          Mrs  Lisa Brennan

First Class                Ms Paula McDermott

First Class                Mrs Helen Carroll

Second Class           Mrs Diane Murphy

Third Class             Ms Susanne Tinnelly

Fourth Class           Mr Martin McGinn

Fifth Class              Mrs Liz Duffy

Sixth Class             Ms Hannah McKenna

The following teachers will be working on our Learning Support team: Mrs Margaret McCluskey, Mrs Éadaoin Woods, Mr Noel Duffy, Ms Áine McCague and Mrs Wendy Flood.

We would like to congratulate you all for your commitment and support for the school uniform over the course of the year. We would ask that all children will again return in full uniform come September.

We would also like to remind you of the following

  • Any haircuts that are shaven less than blade two – either part or full head – are not permitted
  • Unnatural hair colour, including bleach, is not permitted
  • Symbols or designs cut into hair are not permitted
  • Extreme hairstyles that are deemed inappropriate are not permitted
  • For health and safety reasons only one pair of stud earrings may be worn
  • Girls’ shoes should not have high heels.


As in previous years, the school will organise a Book Rental scheme. The cost this year will again be €80 which covers Art and Craft, photocopying, school diaries (1st – 6th) and Pupil Personal Accident Insurance which is underwritten by Allianz for ALL CHILDREN.

  • All requisites for Infants to 2nd class are included on the scheme – copies, folders etc.
  • 3rd to 6th class will receive all their books but copies need to be purchased by parents.
  • All children will have access to all the reading materials and other books they require for the various schemes of work over the course of the year.


Again this year you will be welcome to pay the fees as follows:

  • The school will be open on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th August from 11am – 2pm to receive payments. Payments may also be sent to school by Wednesday 28th
  • Fees may be paid in full, or by instalments
  • Payments may also be made by cheque and posted to the school address during the school holidays – in full or by instalments
  • Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we are unable to provide books to the small minority who have not paid full fees for last year, or who have failed to contact the school to discuss this.


  • If paying by instalments all fees must be paid by the end of December 2017


  • If you wish to negotiate an alternative payment method, please do not hesitate to make contact.


School will re-open on Wednesday 30th of August at 9.15am. As usual Junior and Senior Infants will line up at the front door. First Class will line up in the yard for the first time and teachers will be available to organise this for the first few mornings. Junior Infants will be finishing school at 12.30pm for the first two weeks in September. From Monday 18th September the Junior Infant school day will end at the usual 2.00pm.

Finally, we would like to wish all members of Rang 6 the very best of luck as they move on to post-primary school. They will be remembered here in Scoil Éanna as an energetic group who fully embraced all the opportunities presented to them. We are sure they will continue to do themselves and their families proud as they move into the next phase of their education!

On behalf of all the staff of Scoil Éanna we would like to wish you and your family a very enjoyable summer break and we look forward to your continued co-operation and support for the new school year. School will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 28th June and buses will run at this time.

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