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Welcome Junior Infants 2021

The time has come to embark on life in ‘big school’ and I’m sure this week sees mixed emotions for your child – some nerves and much excitement!  We are here in school working hard to ensure the safe re-opening of the school.

All the supplies (books, crayons, pencils etc.) that your children will need will be provided in school and will remain in school. Initially, we will not be sending any books, copies etc. home with your child, but be assured that they will be well used in school!

Please be careful not to send too much lunch with your child. Make sure that they are able to open and close their lunch box, their drinks and any containers you send with them. Also ensure that the food you provide requires no adult assistance to ensure they can eat it – e.g. no oranges, yogurts to open etc. – they can create a lot of extra cleaning!

Children should be able to put on and take off coats and hang them up, to use the toilet and flush it properly, to tidy up their crayons and books. Help them to use a handkerchief or tissue and encourage them to wash their hands properly and to use sanitiser. Velcro fastenings on shoes and elasticated waists on trousers and tracksuit bottoms are easier to manage than laces and buttons.

Talk to your child in a positive way about your own school days. Emphasise the opportunities for making friends and getting involved in new activities. However, don’t ‘hype up’ school life. Approach this talk with a calm attitude – treat it as a normal development in your child’s life.

Label your child’s clothes and belongings clearly – help them to identify their own belongings. Teach them to recognise their own name – all their belongings will be labelled in school – their coat hanger, their chair, their table space etc.

We will be establishing new routines this year, but be assured that your children will soon adapt.

You will have received an email this morning about the start of day and end of day procedures that we have in place. If driving, we ask you to park in the car park and walk your child up the steps and continue around the back of the school following the one-way system in place.  Sadly, with Covid-19 restrictions we will be unable to allow any parents into the classroom. Your child will be met at the door by Mrs Sammon, the class teacher and she will ensure your child is engaged in activity straight away with their friends, so you have no need to worry! After dropping your child to the classroom door please continue along the one-way system route through the staff car park and down the hill.  There will be plenty of staff on hand for the first few days to assist you and your child with this routine.

School begins at 9am and we operate a staggered arrival times for all classes as follows:

Families whose surnames begin with A-M/Mc 9:00-9:10am             N-Z 9:10-9:20am.

For the first two weeks the school day will end for Junior Infants at 12noon.

Please find a short video from for you to watch with your child in preparation for school.  (click on the link to view) –

We look forward to seeing all the new boys and girls on Tuesday morning.  In the meantime, if you have any further queries or suggestions, please email me at [email protected]

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