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3rd to 6th Class Essentials for September 2021

In September  all children who pay their book rental will receive their books. In addition to this pupils from 3rd to 6th class will need various stationary items which can be purchased during the summer. Please read  below to see what the requirements are for each class

6th Class Copy/Folder/Essentials List 2021/22

4 x 88pg sum copies
12 x 88pg lined copies
6 plastic envelope (with button fastener) folders
2 refill pads
1 A5 notebook
Manuscript Book ASE 4 – Aisling copy 120pg ruled with margins
3 Pritt Stick glues
1x 30cm ruler
1 pair of scissors

5th Class Copies and Essentials 2021/22

4 x 88pg or 120pg sum copies                                                                                                                                                                 10 x 88pg lined copies
Plastic covers to protect the above.
1 A4 Display Folder with 40 pages
1 Refill pad
1 Hardback A5 notebook
1 Manuscript Book ASE 4- Aisling copy 120pg ruled with margins                                                                                             3 Pritt Stick glues
1x Ruler 30cm
1 Junior scissors
Red & Blue pens
2 Pencils

4th Class Copies and Essentials 2021/22

10 x 88/120 page Ruled Copies
5 x 88 page Maths Copies
1 A4 40 Page Display Folder
1 A5 Hardback Notebook
1 A4 Refill Pad
1 120 page Aisling Manuscript Book ASE4 ruled with margin
1 Metal Sharpener
1 Eraser
2 Red Pens
2 Blue pens
2 HB Pencils
1 12 Pack of Twistables or similar
1 Wooden/Plastic Ruler (30cm)
3Glue/Pritt Sticks
Where possible, please ensure that your child’s full name is displayed on their materials.

3rd Class Copies and Essentials 2021/22

2 Aisling Manuscript copybook ASE4 – 120pg ruled with margin
3 Maths copies 88pg
1 pack of 10 lined copies 88pg
3 Plastic A4 envelope folder with button fastener
1 A6 Notebook
1 A4 Hardback copy
1 A4 Display folder (40 pockets)
A sharpener and an eraser
30cm/12 inch wooden/plastic ruler (NOT metal)
1 packet of 12 Crayola Twistables
2 H.B. pencils
3 Pritt Sticks
1 pair small scissors

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